It has been revealed that Donald Trump's campaign strategy included detering millions of Black Amercians from voting in 2016.

Evidence has been brought forward which shows that 3.5 million Black Americans were categorised by Donald Trump’s campaign as voters they wanted to stay home on election day.

After obtaining the database used by Trump's digital campaign team, Channel 4 News revealed that Black Americans, who are historically a community targeted with voter suppression tactics, were disproportionately marked ‘Deterrence’ by the 2016 campaign.

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The database, which contained details on almost 200 millions Americans, has been one of the largest leakes in history and showcased how the data was used by models and algorithms.

This enabled the digital team, who have been credited with helping Mr Trump to a shock victory to become president in 2016, to target them with tailored adverts on Facebook and other platforms.

The campaign in 2016 had the first fall in turnout of Black voters in 20 years.

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This helped enable Mr Trump to marginly win surprise victories in key states such as Michigan and Wisconsin despite losing the popular vote in the country to Hillary Clinton.

You can watch the full report on All 4.