NICOLA Sturgeon has been told to publish the evidence that justified the Scottish Government’s contentious student and universities Covid-19 guidance.

Scottish Labour have called for full transparency over the fiasco after students self-isolating were confined to their dorm rooms – leading to many learners moving back home.

Universities Minister Richard Lochhead came under fire after admitting he wasn’t aware of modelling by Edinburgh University’s Mark Woolhouse setting out the scenario for what might happen if students were to return to campuses.

Labour has also pointed to comments by Mr Lochhead in which he said “if I was a student and I was told I was negative, I would just go about my life in the normal way".

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The party’s education spokesperson, Iain Gray, has called for “full transparency” from the Scottish Government over how decisions were reached.

He said: "Scotland's universities and students have been caught up in a totally avoidable crisis - and they are now facing some of the harshest Covid-19 restrictions through no fault of their own.

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"Students and their families are furious over the way this has been handled and the lack of communication from many universities and the Scottish Government. They have been repeatedly insulted by ministers who have suggested that they are not capable of behaving responsibly and taking informed decisions.

"In fact, the opposite is true - and if we are to stem the spread of Covid-19 among students, the government must regain their trust. Full transparency is the first step that ministers can take towards achieving this.

"It is now time for the Scottish Government to disclose the details of all discussions and evidence in development of the guidance. Students and the people of Scotland can then see what went wrong and why - and those who are responsible for this spiralling crisis can be held to account.”