Clive Tyldesley has been sacked as a commentator for Soccer Aid, according to reports.

The Sun say the Rangers TV man has been axed by charity bosses for his comments aimed towards the rapper Chunkz during this year's match.

Tyldesley said during the charity clash that some could “take guided tours around him” and it led to an large outcry on social media.

An 'insider' told The Sun: “Clive’s been told he won’t be back for next year’s Soccer Aid because of the comments he made. It was clear that while Clive thought he was just having a laugh, no one really found his jokes funny, let alone Tom and Chunkz who bore the brunt of them.

“Soccer Aid raises millions for children and is watched by kids and young people across the UK. Having them listen to someone like Clive then mocking players for their weight seems totally unacceptable.

“People made their voices heard on social media and the bosses at Soccer Aid listened.

“Clive understands why he won’t be back.

“And it will be put forward as them bringing in new blood when it comes to the commentators on next year’s game.”