Derek Mackay has still been claiming for an Edinburgh flat despite not being at Holyrood in months, according to reports.

The shamed MSP stepped down as finance secretary earlier this year after it was revealed he had been messaging a 16-year-old boy on social media for months.

He has not taken part in any debates or votes since February, however, BBC Scotland reports he claimed for accommodation in Edinburgh for ten days in July.

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Expenses records covering the period directly after his resignation have not yet been released by the parliament.

But the broadcaster says they have seen claims filed by the MSP, who is now standing as an Independent for Renfrewshire North and West, for rent totaling £327.10 in early July.

At that time, the Scottish Parliament was in recess.

However, politicians did sit on one of the ten days as Nicola Sturgeon updated them on the pandemic.

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Mr Mackay is entitled to claim an "Edinburgh accommodation provision" as a current MSP, and the BBC says there is no rule that he has to attend Holyrood to claim this.

However, records show he has not been part of formal proceedings since he resigned.