Palm Springs is a desert resort city in California that’s home to prime examples of modernist architecture and, like everywhere else, a lot of pet dogs. It’s the mixture of modernist design and canines that is at the heart of photographer Nancy Baron’s new book, Palm Springs: Modern Dogs at Home.

Baron, who herself has a second home in Palm Springs, noticed that pet dogs in the city are as “lovingly groomed and cared-for as their surroundings.”

That’s certainly the case for Jimmy, a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix, seen here in his owner’s home which was designed by the architect Donald Wexler in 1960.

“It is impossible not to smile when Jimmy is around,” according to his owners. “If we are having a stressful day, Jimmy knows how to calm us down. He brings so much joy to our everyday lives by just being present.”

Palm Springs: Modern Dogs at Home by Nancy Baron is published by Schiffer Publishing. Photograph © Nancy Baron