President Donald Trump could be released from hospital "as early as Monday", according to his team of doctors. 

An update given by his doctors in Maryland today has confirmed that Donald Trump, 74, has continued to improve while battling coronavirus.

Head of Mr Trump's medical team, Dr Sean Conley said: "Since we spoke last, the president has continued to improve.

"There are frequent ups and downs, particularly when a patient is being so closely watched 24 hours a day."

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Dr Conley revealed that the president had experienced "two episodes of transient drops" in his blood oxygen level, and had a high fever on Friday morning.

He said that he was concerned about a "possible rapid deterioration" of Mr Trump's condition, prompting his transfer to the Walter Creed Medical Centre from The White House.

However, Dr Conley said that his blood oxygen level was back up to 98 per cent from below 94 per cent on Friday and the president had been treated with steroids. 

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The medical team confirmed Trump had completed a second dose of the antiviral drug Remdesivir without side effects.

According to the team, Mr Trump has not been complaining of shortness of breath. 

Over the course of the weekend, there has been some confusion and mixed messaging about Trump's wellbeing.

But his doctors are hopeful he can be discharged as early as tomorrow to continue his treatment at the White House.