A mother yesterday demanded a fatal accident inquiry in to the death of her daughter on a Scottish beach two years ago.

Guje Borgesson, who claims her daughter Annie was murdered despite a police investigation which concluded she took her own life, was speaking after travelling from her home in Sweden to the stretch of Ayrshire coast where the 30-year-old's body was discovered washed up in December 2005.

Annie was due to catch a Ryanair flight home to Gothenburg after a six-month placement working at the Scottish Whisky Heritage Centre in Edinburgh when she died.

A police investigation at the time concluded Annie committed suicide and there was never a criminal investigation.

Mrs Borgesson accepts the post-mortem examination finding which said Annie died from drowning, but has never reconciled herself with Annie having killed herself. Her family is certain Annie was murdered.

Bruises on her body and unidentified female DNA on her hands have fuelled the reluctance of Mrs Borgesson to settle for the theory that Annie killed herself.

Mrs Borgesson's two week-trip to Scotland - accompanied by Annie's best friend, Maria Jonsson, 40, - is being driven by their campaign for a fatal accident inquiry. Later this week Mrs Borgesson will call on the Scottish Parliament for changes to the way sudden deaths are investigated.

Last night a memorial service was held at the beach at Prestwick, where candles burned not just for Annie, but for many others who have questions surrounding the deaths of their loved ones.

"I feel Annie close all the time," Mrs Borgesson, 54, said.

"There are bad times. From about October 26, the day Annie left for Scotland, to her birthday, on February 7, it can get very dark for me."

Mrs Borgesson has become involved with campaign and support group Mojo, which works in the interests of victims of miscarriages of justice.

Ms Jonsson said: "The first time we spoke to Mojo it was like an embrace. Now we have high hopes we can get the answers we want."

The two Swedish women have turned part detective and have two fresh leads generated from their own website dedicated to Annie.

A Strathclyde Police spokesman said: "The death of Annie Borgesson was thoroughly investigated by Strathclyde Police and procurator-fiscal.

"The Crown Office was completely satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances.

"Miss Borgesson's mother has sat down with both the procurator-fiscal and the Crown Office and had all this explained to her."

A Crown Office spokeswoman last night said there were no plans for a fatal accident inquiry in to Annie's death.