A NEW poll has found 75 per cent of Scots would back independence if they were convinced it would be good for the Scottish economy

The poll, conducted by Survation for pro-independence campaign group Progress Scotland, also found 57% agreed that independence would be good for the Scottish economy in the long run. 

Elsewhere, 70% agreed that control over all decisions affecting people in Scotland should be made by the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Government.

And 74% agreed that decisions over Scotland’s relationship with the European Union should be made by Holyrood and the Scottish Government

SNP deputy leader Keith Brown said: “This poll confirms that we are winning the economic argument over Scotland’s future.

“More and more, people across Scotland believe that independence will not only give us a stronger voice in the world, but will also benefit our economy.

“The threat to jobs and living standards posed by Brexit has eroded any remaining confidence voters had in Westminster having control over Scotland’s finances.

"If we are to protect our economy, Scotland simply can’t risk staying part of Boris Johnson’s Brexit Britain.

“With voters increasingly concerned about what the future holds for Scotland under Westminster rule, the SNP will head into the 2021 election with a clear case on the immense economic opportunities that independence will bring to Scotland.” 

The findings are the latest to be released from a "super-sized" poll of 2,093 respondents conducted by Survation for Progress Scotland.

Scots were asked to agree or disagree with the statement "I would vote for independence if I was convinced that it would be good for the Scottish economy". 

Three-quarters (75%) of those who expressed an opinion agreed and 25% disagreed.

Findings from the same poll, published in the past week, also found more than a third of people who voted against independence in 2014 have changed their mind or are now undecided.

Progress Scotland managing director Angus Robertson, who is standing to be an SNP candidate at next year's Holyrood election, said: “The fact that 75% would vote for independence if they were convinced that it would be good for the Scottish economy is remarkable and should encourage the pro-independence side in making the economic case to help grow support ahead of the next independence referendum."