THE row over the Scouts in the latest party political video by the SNP ("SNP party political broadcast criticised for breaking Scouts’ neutrality rules", The Herald, October 14) demonstrates a deeper issue in how it sees itself. Rather than being happy with holding the political reins in Scotland, it seems intent on seeping its ideology into our previously apolitical spaces in civic society as well, even youth groups.

Every patronising piece of political theatre from the Scottish Government is either "We are Scotland", "This is Scotland", "Let's go, Scotland" or something along these lines; with the implication that we are one homogenous, yellow unit, that vote the same way, think the same way, act the same way.

Of course, for a secession-obsessed Government, the idea that there might be division within a nation is anathema, thus the need for these adverts and the requirement to unwillingly co-opt other groups from Scottish civic society to their unitary cause.

David Bone, Girvan.