Andrew Wilson, the man behind numerous aspects of the Yes movement laid out a vision of the future of Scottish independence as polls point towards independence becoming a historic inevitability. The comments sparked significant debate online. 

“It looks like the 'tick-tock' clock is going to need several Duracell changes.  It also looks like Sturgeon isn't going to risk her position any time soon.”

Rob Kane,

“Andrew Wilson, the brains behind the Yes movement, finally admits people won't vote Indy if we lose the pound. They will worry about their savings, mortgage, car loans, pensions etc.

Andrew Wilson says we will have to keep the pound till we can stand on our own two feet, sometime never.”

Stewart MacLeod,

“My God these folk are going to be the death of the independence movement and possibly of Scotland. Perhaps Mr. Wilson has the luxury of waiting 6 years for independence, but I assure you most people do NOT.“

Mel Jomur, Twitter

“This Neil Mackay interview with Andrew Wilson is the most visionary, grounded, honest, and outright decent piece I’ve seen on Scotland’s constitutional future as an independent nation.

As Wilson’s Twitter banner states: “err in the direction of kindness.”

Alastair McIntosh, Twitter

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“25 years to be like Denmark, and three different currencies along the way.”

Sam Taylor, Twitter

“No. 2026 is far too late. 2022/2023 at the latest is consistent with the first referendum. That the referendum be held within a couple of years of the vote that authorised it. The Scottish public clearly have an appetite to have a say on their future. If it wasn't for Brexit we wouldn't even be having this conversation but here we are. Wilson is clearly laying out his own vision. I find myself agreeing with much of it. It's great to see Wilson committing to the establishment of the central bank, and that the party is fully on board with this. Once independence happens we can get on with sorting out our finances.”

Marc Rich, 

“No further referendum is consistent with the first referendum. No country on earth voluntarily decides to allow its own existence to be determined continually by referenda every 5-10 years or so. It's over.”

Alex Taylor,

“The Yes movement is not one woman.” 

Fiona MacDonald, 

“I agree with what Andrew Wilson says but would add that it must be an 'advisory referendum' and the result acted upon by the Governments and elected representatives of the people based on what is best for the whole country and all of its people.

There must never again be a 'Brexit type referendum'.”

Andrew McMillan, 

“The real reason that Independence will never happen, The SNP have found it impossible to work out an economic case”

Watson Watt, 

“Has no one noticed the tortuous, and now dying trade negotiations between the UK and EU.

The same replicated between Scotland and the remains of the UK would no doubt be similar”

David C Wood, Facebook 

“There is no independence movement. Instead, it's a movement to go straight back into the EU which is not independence.”

Martin Moses, 

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“The year was 2014 and the SNP didn't have the answers to the important questions.

The year is now 2020 and the SNP still don't have the answers to the important questions.”

Stewart MacLeod, 

“Scotland will not stay In the union with England for much longer with such a rapidly growing support to govern ourselves as an independent country.” 

Bob McTavish,