Readers have been quick to react following reports from Bloomberg that a 21-page memo is being circulated to a select group of people including Cabinet minister Michael Gove, suggesting tactics to delay and counter calls for a second independence referendum.

It was reported that the Conservatives are ironing out a strategy to counter rising support for Scottish independence according to a memo analysing how to avoid a referendum in the event of a pro-independence majority in the Scottish elections. 

Such moves include offering new powers in the event of an SNP victory and getting the EU to dismiss the idea of an independent Scotland joining the bloc.

Here's what our readers said about the move:

“You have to admire their chutzpah in thinking they can persuade the EU to issue some statement blocking an independent Scotland becoming a EU member if it wishes. What on earth can the UKG offer the EU to make it propose such an outrageous position? Utterly delusional.”

Dr Douglas McKenzie,

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“The reality is that on this point the UK and EU interests are mutual. The EU was partly set up to prevent nationalism and it's not something any of the nation states want to encourage - Brexit or no Brexit. Even through all the discord of Brexit, the EU has done nothing to encourage the Scottish nationalists.”

Alan Mason, 

“It's coming. The British Establishment knows it and the conservative unionist status quo forces are once again getting ready for battle.”

Andrew McMillan, 

“The Tories are too stubborn to realise that they are now the biggest asset to the YES movement. Their policies and attitude towards devolution, is pushing more and more people towards independence.”

Guybrush Threepwood, 

“Who in their right mind could possibly say that Scots are better off under a shambolic, failed Westminster administration than under the control of our own government in Holyrood ?”

Kenny Ross, 

“This simply confirms that the Tories know full well that their precious union is lost, and we are now seeing their death throws as they make some last minute desperate attempts to save it. Asking the EU for help in doing so really does take the biscuit and shows only too well how bad things are for them.”

Alasdair MacKenzie, 

“The way to avoid a referendum is to significantly improve their position at the next election. The way to do that is to change for the better now and to bring forward concrete actions now that demonstrate the change. It is for the Tories and other unionists to work out what that is. They've had plenty of time. Threats and political machinations won't work anymore.” 

AB Dickson, 

Mackay column 

Neil Mackay’s column asking who would replace Nicola Sturgeon and what impact it would have on the SNP and the independence movement sparked significant debate.

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“The reality is, the best hope for Scotland rests with the current Scottish Government. Otherwise, we will be dictated to by Cummings/Johnson, and none of us wants that!”

Alastair Campbell, 

“Nicola Sturgeon is party first, independence second. We have a chance now to embrace a moderate YES party. It provides us with the democratic mandate to hold an indyref.” 

Marion Lamont, 

“Football managers and chief executives are judged by their results not by the quality of their excuses; however, despite the appalling results she's delivered her approval rating is 72%! Astonishing.”

Rob Zoutendijk, 

“The First Minister isn't going anywhere. SNP and personal popularity are increasing all the time, YEs support climbing all the time.”

Fin MacGolgan, 

“Coronavirus has killed any hope of Independence because the debt will not allow Scotland to leave the UK. Sturgeon will kick the can down the road for another 5 years or so then leave”

Bob Smith,

“Scotland's political landscape is awash with mediocrity. Sturgeon is held up as a shining light simply as she sounds competent. Her government's track record is a tale of failure and ineptitude, but this doesn't matter in contemporary Scotland. Nicola sounds like she knows what she's doing, and that is enough. It should come as no surprise that the Yes movement is turning on itself. The left always turns on itself. Neil Mackay is spot on, however; there is no-one waiting in the wings with anything like the skillset to be a credible First Minister. We have brought this appalling situation on ourselves. As long as half the population obsesses ignorantly over independence, we will remain in a Groundhog Day of our own making. We are served by the politicians we deserve.”

Derek Miller,