The deep-fried Mars bar has been a part of Scottish folklore and gags about Scottish cuisine for years.

Its creation coincided with the start of Scotland’s obesity epidemic, which now means that 65 per cent of the adult population is overweight.

Now a Lanarkshire chippy has come up with yet another oddity to be placed in batter - the pickled onion.

The Codfather Fish and Chips in Cambulsang is serving up the dish at a price of 50p each and they say it is a big hit.

They first advertised the bizarre picked on social media, saying: "Fancy trying something a little bit different?

"Love pickles and love batter why not come try them together.

"Battered pickled onions.

"Come on down and try for yourself!"

The post has gone viral and ended up being shared by over 2000.

And the response has been positive with nearly 5000 comments in 20 hours.

Lynne Pickett commented: "That's a yes from me yummy xxx."

And Tracey Jarvie remarked: "This is a game changer for when the cravings kick in."

Dylan Senagoga was not so glowing, telling a friend: "Was about to tag you and say this has to be Scotland, and shock, it is! Weird weird breed."

But Emma Flower said: "Stick your battered Mars bar, this is something I could get behind."

The chippy was overwhelmed by the backing.

In a new social media post, they said: "Hey guys thanks for all the support with our new pickles in batter. [Heard] so many good things and thanks for all the shares and likes. They are a bit hit so far."