It'll be an extra hour in bed this weekend as daylight saving time comes to an end.

Scots will have to change their clocks on Sunday, and we'll begin to see lighter mornings and darker evenings.

We'll be moving back by one hour on Sunday, October 25 at 2am.

The clock reversal happens every year on the last Sunday of October, pushing the UK back into Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

What do you need to do?

Most devices such as phones, computers, laptops and televisions will change automatically, so no need to worry about those.

HeraldScotland: Clock is ticking. Picture: John Stillwell/ PA Wire.

Analog clocks and clocks on applicants such as microwaves and ovens will have to be changed manually.

Why does this happen?

The change was introduced back in 1916 in an effort to save energy and help the war effort during the First World War.

The Summer Time Act 1916 advanced the clocks by one hour from May 21 until October 1.

When do they change again?

GMT ends in the spring when we go back to BST.

In 2021, GMT ends on Sunday, March 28 to mark the ‘official’ start of summer.