It has long been said that a man’s stomach is the way to his heart.

And award-winning Scots singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi was looking to prove this by taking part in a new dating 'experiment' - to find out if matches can be made on food taste alone.

In the experiment, the Someone You Love singer is matched up with single people, selecting a blind date on food taste alone in new video.

He ends up blindly selecting a date that looks like his ex-girlfriend, Paige Turley, who appeared on the ITV2 show Love Island.

The Scottish star dated the Love Island winner on and off from 2014 to 2016 after meeting at college in Motherwell.

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He admitted that his hit song Bruises and others on his chart-topping album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent are about her.

The experiment follows a recent survey, where thousands of single people unveiled that they would only consider a future with someone if they shared the same taste in cuisine and are considered ‘food compatible’ (23 per cent).

He tasted three dishes created by mystery chefs to pick on his date - and landed on food prepared by Megan.


The singer-songwriter is then joined by his blind date, as and prepare to see if it is love at first bite.

In the video of the experiment the singer jokes: “Thank you for the dish. I’m very sorry I’m not Anthony Joshua – although we do look similar.”

As the couple chat, Megan asks the singer if his next song is going to be written about her winning dish.

The musician says, “Yes. I’ve always wanted to do culinary themed music and I’ve always said there is a market for it. ‘Megan’s Nachos’ coming 2021.

Organisers of the video run in conjunction with Peperami's 'Love at First Bite' campaign concludes "that love really is possible at first bite – through connection over cuisine, unique scenario, and some amount of physical attraction probably".

The survey also found that half believe that someone liking the same dishes and flavours as them makes them more attractive.

Some 17 per cent feel so passionate about it, that they would not go out with someone with different tastes - even if they were a millionaire.

The research also found that a quarter said the person being compatible with them when it comes to food has a strong bearing on whether a date is going well.

Food psychologist, Dr Christy Fergusson, commented on the findings: “Having studied the behavioural patterns behind peoples relationships with food for many years, it isn’t surprising to hear that food plays such an important role when searching for a partner.

“What someone eats and the food choices they make can give important insights into who they are. In dating it helps us to assess if they are going to be a good fit for us and our lifestyle and values.

“Most people recognise that in dating and relationships so much of our interaction is centred around food. Where to go for a meal, what to buy from the supermarket, what to have for lunch, what takeaway to order from. Food choice compatibility can be key in dating.

“It’s clear that we don’t only make decisions about compatibility with our head and our heart – but our taste buds too!”

Lewis Capaldi Q and A

Question: Were you surprised at how quickly you found success?

Eh, I was very surprised with how quickly things went. Just because I have been playing gigs since I was 11 years old and things didn’t start happening until I was 20 – or even longer than that – I didn’t get signed until I was 20 and then things started to go well when I was 22 / 23. I thought I was doing kind of alright before, things were going well and I was selling a lot of tickets to places, but then things really started to take off I was like -  this is a different beast all together! So yeah, I was surprised. I am just happy people like the songs, I am glad that I have a job, which is nice. But yeah, it was surprising, and nothing can prepare you for it. It’s like someone strapping on a jet pack to your back and being like – here we go! It’s been good though, it’s been fun!

Question #2 Would you be more likely to swipe right if someone mentioned your favourite food on their profile?

Ohh, I think so. I think I would, yes! I would be more likely to swipe right if someone mentioned my favourite food on their profile. I think, look, nothing is more attractive than someone that also enjoys greasy food at 3am in the morning, microwaved, with their top off. That is a beautiful thing that we can share.

Question #3 Would you be your perfect date? What is your most embarrassing dating experience?

My perfect date would be…. PUB! Lager. Crisps. Pished (pissed). Can I say that? Inebriated! Erm, hungover, we order a Chinese the next day - done!

Most embarrassing dating experience? I haven’t really… the most, most dates I have been on have been with girls that I’ve ended up in relationships with. So, you could say pretty successful! I think eh, you know, I don’t really have any bad stories. Recently dating’s become a lot harder because people know who I am, so it’s a bit weird to go out to a pub or something and every two minutes someone is coming up asking for a picture. But, not like because… how do I put it… I don’t want to make my date feel uncomfortable by interrupting her because someone wants a photo. I feel like I am more self-conscious now going on dates than I was before.

Question #4 What would be your go-to dish to order on a date? Have you ever judged a date based on what they have decided to order?

On a date I would order something like chicken. This is the good thing about chicken, you can eat it alone, you can eat it on a date, perfect for a funeral! Someone is dead over there, the priest is talking, this is taking a while, pull out a snack! They can drag on these things!

No, I’ve never judged a date based on what they have eaten! I think (pointing) you stay over that side of the table and you eat your stuff, I’ll stay on this side and eat my stuff and never the twain shall meet! Who am I to discriminate on your culinary choices!

Question #5 Have you ever written a song for a love interest? Any go-to songs to woo a love interest?

Erm, I wouldn’t say I have written any songs for girls, but I have written songs about girls – but all the songs are written for myself. Mainly because I don’t want anyone calling me up for royalties.

Erm, go to song to woo a girl… erm, I think WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion!

Question #6 Favourite country for food? Have you ever cooked for a girl to try and impress her?

No! I’ve never cooked for a girl to try and impress her because I don’t cook very well! I don’t have the necessary skills to do so!

Italy! A lot of gluten. A lot of pasta. A lot of pizza. Give it to me!

Question #7 What are you more excited about – your next album or next dinner?

I think, I think I am more excited about my next album. It wouldn’t be a great advert for my album to say I was looking more forward to eating!

Question #8 What is your best piece of dating advice? What is your worst chat up line?

Erm, best piece of dating advice I have is people tell you to be yourself... they are WRONG! LIE! Lie and lie and lie, just don’t let your mask slip for one second. Pretend to be someone you’re not completely! Marry them and then when it is too late for them to leave you because you’ve got children, and you need to support them together and you don’t want to split up for them – that is when you let the mask slip and say – surprise I’m actually a horrible person. So yeah, do not, do not under any circumstances be yourself.

The worst chat up line I have heard is the one that people say, eh, if I could rearrange the alphabet I would put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together. I think it shows a complete disregard to the English language, it is such an arrogant thing to say and if you ever say it, I don’t think you should ever find love and you should die alone.

Question #9 Following the dating experiment, do you believe in ‘love at first bite’?

I think you can learn a lot about someone based on how and what they cook. And some people cook lovely meals and are lovely people. Other people cook horrible meals and are horrible people.