Donald Trump has claimed that a coronavirus vaccine is “ready” and “going to be announced within weeks.

The president made the claim during the first part of the US Presidental debate with Trump using his opening answer to claim the coronavirus vaccine is “ready” and “going to be announced within weeks.”

Addressing the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, he also claimed he was “immune” from coronavirus because he contracted the virus earlier this month.

The claim comes despite it being unclear how long coronavirus antibodies last with other cases of reinfection. 

Following up on the claim, moderator Kristen Welker asked if that was a guarantee of a vaccine to which Trump said, “No, it’s not a guarantee, but I think it will be by the end of the year.”

Welker pointed out to Trump that experts have said it will take months before a vaccine is widely available and that masks will be needed until late 2021, echoing claims from the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Responding Trump said: “I think my timeline is going to be more accurate."

Hitting back, Joe Biden expressed doubt over Trump’s timeline for the release of a coronavirus vaccine.

He said: “This is the same fellow who told you it was going to end by Easter.

“He has no clear plan.”

The Democratic nominee predicted the country was about to enter a “dark winter,” as the number of new coronavirus cases rises in dozens of US states.