What is it?

A three-in-one electric garden vacuum, leaf blower and mulcher to help clean-up garden waste.

Good points?

Hyundai's leaf blower design has been well thought out and makes mundane garden tasks more efficient and fun. The 3000-watt variable speed electric motor provides enough power to generate airspeeds of up to 186mph which makes shifting stubborn, wet foliage a breeze.

Its flexibility allows for various uses ranging from clearing snow, grass clippings and gutters to drying wet bikes and boots.

The device weighs only 3.3kg (7lb) and comes with a comfortable padded strap. A large 45-litre collection bag combined with the shredding mulcher reduces the size of debris collected and frequency in which you need to stop and empty its contents.

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Sturdy wheels aid support and manoeuvrability when the bag starts to fill and gain weight.

An extendable chute allows the tool to be lengthened for the height of those using it or the reach required in some situations. A 12-metre power cable gives it a bit more roaming freedom before having to use an extender.

Unlike some other 3-in-1 units the Hyundai doesn't require detachment and reattachment of components to switch between vacuum and blower modes.

Bad points?

The head unit lacks a cable management system and so hinders quick pack-up and storage. The wheels tend to slide on a layer of wet leaves.

Best for ...

Those with small to medium sized gardens who need an affordable way to collect garden waste for composting.

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Avoid if ...

You have a large garden as you will need something with more power, such as a petrol leaf blower.

Score: 8/10.

Hyundai 3-in-1 leaf vacuum and blower, £48 (ao.com)