A Scots university team has triumphed in tonight's episode of University Challenge.

Edinburgh edged it through to the second round of University Challenge, beating Linacre College, Oxford, in a battle of the highest scoring losers.

The final score was Edinburgh 155, Linacre 125.

With clear screens between each student, the episode was among the first episodes of the long-running quiz to be filmed under Covid-19 guidelines.

On Edinburgh’s team were: Zak Jeffcoat, from Edinburgh, studying architectural history; Matthew Fricker from Shipley, maths and physics; Niamh Clarke (captain), Hollywood, County Wicklow, physics and meteorology; and Nicholas Winter, “London, via Angus” maths.

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Turning out for Linacre: Alex Blandford, Cambridge, studying the anthropology of civic technology; Josh Dorrington, Windsor, atmospheric physics; James King (captain), Hampshire, climate science; and the second woman on the show, Claudine Tinsman, cyber security.

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Edinburgh scored first with a film round. For the next 30 minutes the two teams jostled for lead position, with Linacre ahead 80 to 60 at one point.

Last year’s winners and three times semi-finalists, Edinburgh nudged ahead on a music round in which one of the answers was Scott Walker. “Thank heavens we don’t have to have any more,” said host Jeremy Paxman when the music stopped.

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After that a run of questions on geography, Van Gogh, and the fauna of Indonesia found the Scots university 30 points ahead when the gong sounded.

“You started well Linacre,” commiserated Paxman, “but they got a happy fall of questions there.”