NICOLA Sturgeon has revealed the provisional coronavirus restrictions that will apply to different parts of Scotland from next week. 

The First Minister said the Central Belt, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, is likely to move into level three of the new five-tier lockdown system.

Much of the rest of Scotland could fall under level two.

However Dundee could move into level three, while North and South Lanarkshire could see tough new restrictions under level four.

The Highlands, Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles and Moray could move to level one.

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The levels will be confirmed on Thursday and will come into effect on Monday, November 2.

The new system runs from level zero, which is as close to normal as it is possible to get without better treatment or a vaccine, to level four, which is closer to a full lockdown.

Ms Sturgeon previously said level zero is "broadly comparable to the position we reached in August when the virus was very suppressed in Scotland but still a threat".

It would allow up to eight people from three households to meet indoors and most businesses and hospility venues would be open.

Level one would see slightly more restrictions. Initially, people from different households would not be able to go inside each other's homes. 

However in-home meetings of six people from two households could be allowed later.

Level two would entail restrictions broadly similar to those currently in place outside of the Central Belt, including limitations on hospitality and no gatherings inside people's homes.

And level three would be roughly equivalent to the tougher restrictions that currently apply across the Central Belt.

Hospitality rules will be slightly loosened, however. 

Under the new system set out by the Scottish Government, level zero will see hospitality operate "almost normally - subject to rules on physical distancing, limits on numbers and other mitigations, such as table service only", Ms Sturgeon said.

Under level one, there will be a 10.30pm hospitality curfew.

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Premises may sell alcohol indoors with a main meal up to 8pm under level two, enabling the service of an early evening meal.

At present, hospitality premises outside the Central Belt cannot serve alcohol indoors and must close indoors at 6pm.

In addition, the new rules would allow bars, restaurants and other venues to operate outdoor areas until 10.30pm under level two.

At level three – equivalent to the current restrictions in the Central Belt – the rules only allowing cafes will be removed, enabling all hospitality premises to operate in the daytime, up to 6pm, without the sale of alcohol.

Hotels and other accommodation will continue to be able to serve evening meals to residents.

Under level four, hospitality would be closed.

The expansion of the hospitality provisions within the new levels system takes effect from Monday, November 2, and will be kept under review as the spread of the virus hopefully stabilises.