The Institute of Physics has chosen The Barrowland Ballroom as the online venue for its live and interactive 2020 Big Bounce Science Festival.

The iconic venue will host and live-stream science talks and remote workshops for all ages from 31 Oct - 1 November.

The annual festival of physics, newly renamed the Big Bounce, is now in its fourth year and is a celebration of innovation and exploration in physics, designed to capture the imaginations of all who attend and participate.

This year the festival has relocated from Edinburgh to Glasgow, placing the Big Bounce in the heart of a Glasgow community, and bringing science-outreach to new audiences - young and old.  

Big Bounce 2020 will stage science experiences and entertainment, in a COVID-safe way, live on Youtube and Zoom, to inspire a new generation of physicists and science enthusiasts.

Speaking on the decision to use The Barrowland Ballroom, Mikey Jarrell from the Institute of Physics in Scotland said: “We love sharing exciting physics with as many folk as possible; and where better next than here in the East End? With the big UN climate conference heading to Glasgow next year, the whole city can get excited about science and innovation. This year we have to do it all online, but all the fun is streaming from right here in the Barras and you can still get involved virtually on the weekend”

Dr James Rae, who is presenting on Sunday, added: “As a Scottish climate scientist, I never thought that I would get the chance to have a rockstar moment at the Barrowlands. I can’t wait to use the famous stage to share my passion for science.”

See the full programme and register for events at: