Scottish taxi drivers already struggling due to the pandemic have slammed the increased drop-off charges soon to be introduced at Edinburgh Airport.

A £4 flat-fee will be introduced for drop-offs and pick-ups at the airport from November 9.

That means an increase of £2 for those dropping off within a ten-minute window, although for those picking up passengers within 15 minutes will save a pound. 

Edinburgh Airport has said it has no choice and needs to make the changes to recoup some of the losses from the coronavirus pandemic.

But chairman of the Unite Edinburgh taxi branch, Scott Blair, has called it a "money grab". 

He said: “It looks to me like a blatant money grab because they (Edinburgh Airport) are losing so much business.

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“I hope common sense prevails and they realise we will be out of pocket and they consider the financial situation we are facing.”

The latest pricing changes are designed to boost revenue and help the airport stay competitive.

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman said: “We’re taking difficult decisions to protect jobs and prepare the airport for its recovery, which will feed into the rest of the city.

"This will be a decision for the council's licensing team to take and we hope agreement can be reached.

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“We want to provide choice to passengers and our free drop-off area remains an option for those who wish to use it.

“The area will be temporarily moving to the Mid Stay, making it closer to the terminal.”

It is understood the airport would be supportive of any decision by the council’s licensing team to allow taxi drivers to recoup the extra costs.