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Alan Titchmarsh.

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The gardening guru explores the challenges faced by farmers in getting fruit and vegetables to supermarkets while faced with a reduced workforce, unprecedented demand and extreme weather in what has been an extraordinary year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Titchmarsh is joined by fellow presenter Angellica Bell and the Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen as they spend time on farms during the critical weeks of peak harvest.

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At one of the UK's biggest fruit farms, one-and-a-half million apple trees and 60,000 plum trees must be harvested by hand. Fortunately, Titchmarsh already knows the ropes, having worked as a fruit picker when he was a student some 40-odd years before.

But there's jarring news too when he sees for himself the devastating effect that weather has had on a crop of courgettes.

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Owen charts the hard graft required to get one million potatoes out of the ground each week and meets an eagle-eyed grandmother who can spot a dodgy tattie from 20 paces.

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Bell, meanwhile, is on the frontline, stacking shelves with supermarket workers as they try to keep up with surges of demand.

When can I watch?

Summer On The Farm: An Extraordinary Year, STV, Tuesday, 8pm.