The front pages of the papers were dominated by Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump as he elected as the next president of the United States.

The Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Mirror both lead with President-elect Biden’s comments that “it’s time for America to heal”.

That message was echoed by the Sunday Express.

The Observer leads with Mr Biden’s pledge to “be a president for all Americans”.

The Sunday Times carries the headline “Sleepy Joe wakes up America”, referring to President Trump’s frequent nickname for the former vice president.

Mr Biden’s election win is “A new dawn for America”, according to The Independent.

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Sunday People says “God Bless America” as “loser Trump” is given the boot from the White House.

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The Daily Star on Sunday takes a typically unique view of the result.

Meanwhile The Mail on Sunday reports Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent security experts to examine the personal mobile phones of Cabinet Ministers as part of a “major” leak inquiry.

Media outlets across the world also shared the US election latest on their front page.