A former ballerina with dementia has been captured on film being transported to a performance she gave decades earlier, as she remembers the choreography she danced to Swan Lake. 

A charity has now shared the video, which has gone viral, of Ms Gonzales who was a prima ballerina with the New York Ballet in the 1960s.

The clip shows Marta C Gonzalez, who died in 2019, listening to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake – which she had danced to in her youth.

Ms Gonzalez passed away in 2019.

The emotional moment was shared by the Asociacion Musica para Despertar, a Spanish charity which uses the music of dementia patients’ lives to improve their mood and memory.

In the video, Ms Gonzalez becomes emotional as she listens to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake - before reenacting some of the choreography she danced in her youth.

Actor Antonio Banderas shared the clip on Facebook, writing that he hoped the video would serve as “a well-deserved recognition of her art and her passion”.

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At the end of the performance, applause erupts in the care home where she was staying in Valencia.

The charity has hailed the "immeasurable" power of music and wished that she "rest in peace."

Music has long been acknowledged as a tool for revisiting self-expression and memory recognition, even with severe dementia sufferers.

Last month an 80-year-old former music teacher, who now suffers from dementia, stole the nation's heart with his incredible musical improvisation. 

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A video of Paul Harvey showed him improvising a piece of music around four notes, selected at random by his son, Nick.

The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra then recorded an orchestral arrangement to accompany Mr Harvey's performance - creating an incredibly moving piece that is intended to show the healing power of music.