A nursery teacher who 'lost control' and grabbed and pulled a child and later tried to excuse her behaviour by saying she was 'prone to tantrums' has been issued with a warning by industry regulators.

Tina Bonar, who was employed by Newbattle Community Nursery in Dalkeith, Midlothian, is said to have grabbed the little girl by the arm while attempting to tie up her hair and also restrained her between her legs.

Four out of five charges were found proved and the nursery teacher, who had five years experience in childcare, was cleared of one allegation that she pulled the child by her hair. The incident happened on June 5, 2018 and was said to be isolated.

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The nursery teacher was issued with an 18-month warning after a hearing by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) which involved five witnesses.

Conditions were also imposed which include further training on communicating appropriately with children, promoting positive behaviour and managing stressful situations at work.

Ms Bonar, who was dismissed after the incident, did not take part in the hearing and according to the hearing papers has voluntarily requested that her name is removed from the register.

The manager of the home described the nursery teacher as a“a lovely girl” who was great with children and posed no management issues but said she had been "a bit rough" with the child.

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A panel of the SSSC said: "Workers are expected to show the correct skills, which you had not.

"Distress had been caused to a child, which was indicative of a loss of self-control on your part.

"The fact that you had suggested that AA was prone to taking tantrums did not excuse that."

At its last inspection, the nursery was rated adequate for quality of care and support and good for the quality of the environment.