THE SNP has refused to say if it has given any money to charity from its sale of branded face masks, despite Nicola Sturgeon promising parliament her party would so do.

The Tories urged the SNP to end its “strange” silence on the matter as soon as possible.

The First Minister told MSPs on July 30 that all profits from the face coverings would go to good causes after an outcry about the SNP allegedly cashing in on coronavirus.

“Every penny of profit made from my party’s face masks will go to charity,” she said.

At the time, the SNP was the only major UK party to sell facemasks as official merchandise.

It prompted the Tories to write to Ms Sturgeon’s husband, the SNP chief executive Peter Murrell, asking him to stop the sale of the “tasteless” masks immediately. 

The SNP defended the sale, saying that “just like football clubs and many others, we’ve launched our own branded face coverings”. 

However after a bitter exchange at FMQs in which she was was accused of profiteering from Covid, Ms Sturgeon suddenly announced the profits would go to charity.  

The party’s online official merchandise store now sells 22 types of Chinese-made face coverings for £8 and five types for £14, which feature tartans, saltires, SNP and Yes logos 

Next to each type, the website states: “All profits from this sale will go to charity”.

However, when the Herald asked this week which charities had benefited since Ms Sturgeon’s pledge more than 100 days ago and by how much, the party refused to say.

Indeed, the SNP repeatedly refused to say if any money at all had yet gone to any charity.

Instead, it said its own members would be told later at the end of this month.

Scottish Conservative Chief Whip Miles Briggs: “The First Minister did the right thing by agreeing to stop allowing her party to stop profiteering from these face masks.

“However, it seems strange that they are not being upfront on what charities have benefited from their U-turn.

“People will be keen to know that vital charitable work has been supported and the SNP should clear this up as soon as possible.”

Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton added: "The First Minister eventually did the right thing and announced that any money the SNP made from mask sales would go to charity.

"It's a shame therefore that her party is unable to say whether any money has actually been handed over.

"It's important that public servants are not seen to have benefited from a pandemic which has been devastating for so many of our constituents."

An SNP spokesperson said: "SNP members will be the first to learn the total sum raised from their support and which charities have benefited when the full details are announced at SNP conference later this month."