What is it?

A pair of premium compact wireless earbuds.

Good points?

Jabra has incorporated what it has dubbed "Advanced Active Noise-Cancellation" into the earphone units which allows the listener to toggle between 11 levels of incremented sound.

The range starts from active noise-cancellation (ANC) which isolates you from all ambient sounds to a full "HearThrough" mode, commonly known as transparency mode, which lets in all outside sounds.

Settings are controlled through the Jabra Sound+ smartphone app which allows the user to increase or lower the experienced sound in three decibel increments. This granularity makes it easy for most listeners to find a level that suits them and their individual audio perception.

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The Sound+ app can also be used to optimise and configure the sound you hear by calibrating output based on the in-app hearing test and create a perfectly tailored hearing profile that can be saved.

Rich sound from a compact device is achieved through advanced audio (AAC) and sub-band (SBC) codecs which are algorithms that compress the data for faster transmission from sound source to speaker.

The development and technology to accomplish ANC in something as small as earphones is incredible, requiring a dedicated processing chip to interpret and cancel noise picked up by two microphones before it reaches your ears.

Bad points?

Sound quality takes a hit for a more compact design due to the codecs selected which don't require as much processing power to deliver sound to the earphones.

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Best for ...

Those who want to block out the world without resorting to using bulky over-ear headphones.

Avoid if ...

Sound quality is your main consideration as the elite 85t can be a little inconsistent at times.

Score: 8/10.

Jabra Elite 85t, £219.99, available from November 15 (jabra.co.uk)