BORIS Johnson has told a group of MPs tonight that devolution in Scotland has been a disaster and one of Tony Blair's 'biggest mistakes'.

On the day that was supposed to mark his new era as Prime Minister, he met Tory MPs from the north of England to discuss levelling up, amid claims they felt neglected by the PM.

However during the Zoom call he is reported to have told around 60 MPs that he thought devolution had not been a success in Scotland, and said he did not "see a case" for more powers coming from Westminster to the regions now, despite thinking it could be a good thing when he was mayor of London. 

He is reported to have told the group that devolution was former Prime Minister Tony Blair's "biggest mistake". 

The remarks come hours after one of his former MP's Kirstene Hair accused Mr Johnson and his ministers of not having Scotland and other regions of theUK except London at the forefront of their policies and plans. 

It also comes days before the Scottish Conservative conference this weekend. 

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross hit back at the remarks on social media, saying that devolution had not been a disaster.

HeraldScotland: The Conservative's Douglas Ross is the MP for Moray

He tweeted: "Devolution has not been a disaster.

"The SNP’s non-stop obsession with another referendum - above jobs, schools and everything else - has been a disaster." 

Nicola Sturgeon was quick to capitalise on the remarks, also taking to social media to respond.

She said: "Worth bookmarking these PM comments for the next time Tories say they’re not a threat to the powers of the Scottish Parliament - or, even more incredibly, that they support devolving more powers. The only way to protect & strengthen [the Scottish Parliament] is with independence."

HeraldScotland: Iain Murray in the main hall at Edinbrugh  International Conference Centre count for the General Election thursday saves his seat and is the remaining Labour MP in the country so far.
Pic Gordon Terris/The Herald
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Labour MP Ian Murray, the party's shadow Scottish Secretary, said devolution was one of his party's "proudest achievements" and added that Scotland was now stuck between "two governments obsessed by division".

He said: "This confirms that Boris Johnson doesn’t believe in devolution and would put the future of the United Kingdom at risk.

“His Government should have been working in partnership with the devolved governments during this crisis. Instead, people across the UK have been paying the price for his failings.

“Devolution is one of Labour’s proudest achievements and we will always fight for a strong Scotland in the UK." 

“Scotland deserves better than two governments obsessed by division – Labour will work to bring our country together.”