Scotland has had its fair share of sparkling moments since the series began in 2004. Here are some of the best (and worst).

JOE McFADDEN: All hail the Heartbeat and Holby City hero, who took the glitterball trophy with partner Katya Jones in 2017. He was the kind of contestant diehard fans love – not that good to begin with, but properly improving along the way, and cheery with it. He went on the obligatory 'journey' and we loved him for it.

SUSAN CALMAN: Who can forget superhero Susan the Glasgow comedian, resplendent in full Wonder Woman costume, leading Kevin Clifton on a merry dance through series 15? If it had not been for that McFadden, she might have won it. Well, probably not, but Susan was a fan favourite.

CAROL KIRKWOOD: She shone like a sunbeam, everyone’s favourite weather presenter, when she appeared in the 2015 series of Strictly. Despite being partnered with reigning champion Pasha Kovalev, however, Carol failed to make much of an impression and drifted off in 10th place.

KENNY LOGAN: He was the first person ever to wear a kilt on Strictly, an event that has not been repeated since. For good reason, probably. Standing proud over partner Ola Jordan at the end of his powerful Paso Doble in series five, viewer were grateful she had her hands over her eyes.

LULU: Singing legend Lulu did not have the happiest of times on Strictly. Cheek to cheek with New Zealand professional Brendan Cole, she blamed her exit from the ninth series on his being too tall. Tension crackled in the air whenever they were together. Afterwards, he simply said they didn’t ‘gel’.

CAROL SMILLIE: Way back in 2006, model and TV presenter Carol Smillie was partnered with Matthew Cutler, and they made it almost all the way to the quarter final. After their Viennese Waltz, judge Arlene Phillips mysteriously described Carol as “a bit like a science teacher.” Ouch. Elegant and talented, Carol was our first real chance of a Scottish winner.

THOM EVANS: This was a classic Strictly shock exit, when handsome Glasgow Warriors rugby player Thom Evans found his final dance with partner Iveta Lukiesuto in series 12 too much of a cha-cha-challenge.

RORY BREMNER: His quickstep was lovely, but, like Thom, it was the cha cha which did for him in the end. Departing in week four of the 2011 series, in which he partnered Erin Boag, the impressionist left with the words of head judge Len Goodman ringing in his ears. “You’re like the government – there’s a lot going on and not all of it is good….”

JUDY MURRAY: Strictly superfan Judy was over the moon to be on the show she had watched avidly for more than a decade, dancing with King of the Ballroom, Anton du Beke. Sadly, her tennis footwork skills did not translate to the dance floor, and she lasted only until Blackpool. One of the kinder comments from the judges described her as having something akin to ‘rigor mortis’.