Could Ross take down one of the country's finest quiz brains?

Maybe not, but he seemed to know his stuff about The Herald, or at least took a lucky guess.

On tonight’s episode of The Chase, hosted by Bradley Walsh, Ross, a 28-year-old electrical engineer from Manchester took on the Chaser.

With his winnings, he planned to travel to Copenhagen to dine in one of the city’s best restaurants - and he was off to a flying start.

But it was his second question that piqued our interest.

Gaining him £2,000, he was quick to answer the following question: The Scottish newspaper, The Herald, is published in what city?

And without hesitation, he answered correctly - Glasgow.

However, he then went on to face the new chaser, Darragh Ennis,  who is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford University.

Unfortunately, the Chaser’s awesome knowledge proved too much, and he went out on a question about analgesic drugs.

When asked what an analgesic drug is used to relieve, he answered ‘tiredness’ - but the Chaser caught him when he answered correctly, with ‘pain’.

Never mind, Ross, better luck next time - and well done for correctly identifying the home of The Herald.