Yesterday, a poll from Ipsos MORI for BBC Scotland found that there was strong public support for a range of tough measures to control the spread of coronavirus

However, many people still feel that restrictions should be relaxed around Christmas time. 

Half (51%) of people polled said they would support a second national lockdown in Scotland, while around a third (36%) were against the idea.

Half (48%) also said that the consequences for those who break coronavirus rules are not harsh enough, while only 7% thought they were too harsh, and 39% said they are about right.

The public also appeared to be largely in favour of the Scottish Government’s ‘schools first’ policy, with 59% support keeping schools open throughout the pandemic, even if this means that most other businesses and services have to close.

But do people want a more normal Christmas?

In spite of the general support for a tough stance, over half (56%) of people surveyed by Ipsos MORI supported relaxing restrictions for a short period around Christmas day, while 32% were opposed.

Rachel Ormston, Research Director at Ipsos MORI Scotland, said: "These findings suggest that the Scottish public is hoping for a trade-off – tough restrictions and harsher consequences for rule-breakers now, if it means people can enjoy a more normal Christmas."

Do you think coronavirus restrictions should be relaxed at Christmas time?