Ruth Davidson has hailed a remarkable few years for the Conservatives at Holyrood and Westminster insisting that the future is bright for the party.

The former Scottish Conservative leader insisted that the party was once again ready to campaign under Douglas Ross, with Davidson insisting there is "no-one who I’m happier to call ‘boss’ than Douglas Ross."

She also insisted that the party would continue to surprise pundits and commentators with results and backed the party to take on the SNP stating: "Nobody, nobody predicted our result last time. Not the commentators or our opponents. And when the scale of our advance became clear, it was dismissed as a ‘freak’, and ‘anomaly’ dare I say, even a mistake on behalf of the voters.

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"Well, friends, a year later we did it again, bouncing back at Westminster with our best result for 38 years – which really is a generation by the way.

"And there was one man who fought ably in both campaigns – who was first elected MSP for the Highland region, and then swept aside the SNP’s Westminster leader, Angus Robertson to take Moray, a seat he held again two years later.

"Douglas Ross knows what it takes to beat the nationalists. When I started out in politics, he was already gearing up for a second term as a councillor and he very generously helped show me the ropes.

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"And Douglas knows, as I know, that the people who voted for us in those elections in 2016 and 17 – the people whose votes counted and were the very reason Nicola Sturgeon was stripped of her majority and Jeremy Corbyn never got anywhere near Downing street, thank goodness – the votes that we put on, didn’t come from died-in-the-wool Tories who just hadn’t turned up to the polls for twenty odd years.

"In so many places it is only us that can do that. And we promise, in return for your vote, to wrestle our country out of the endless constitutional gripes and get back to the things that matter – schools, jobs, police, health."