Nicola Sturgeon has been added to the list of names taken on by satirical puppet show Spitting Image. 

The satirical puppet show, which announced it would be making a comeback earlier this year, featured a sketch which saw the First Minister give Boris Johnson a "Glasgow Kiss"

The sketch saw First Minister celebrating Scotland's Euro 2020 qualification calling it "Fan-dabby-dozey"  before attending the game against England before headbutting the Prime Minister at half time in Braveheart face paint. 

Sturgeon has now joined the likes of Donald Trump, Dominic Cummungs, Kim Kardashian and Greta Thunberg in being imitated by the show. 

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Speaking last month on portraying the First Minister, Matt Forde told The Daily Record: “With people like Boris and Trump, you don’t even have to make up the silly things they do as they are already doing them and, as for characterisation, there’s not much exaggeration needed.

"They are already scarily funny."

“Nicola Sturgeon, on the other hand, now there is a challenge. She is much more disciplined and stateswoman-like.

“She is not a cartoon character like Trump or Boris so making her puppet believable would not be easy, unlike her predecessor Alex Salmond, who would be a much less difficult puppet transformation."

Despite the popularity of Spitting Image when it first aired, some have been critical of the series since it returned, with many hitting out at the sketch involving Nicola Sturgeon.

Social media users hit out at the Sturgeon sketch with one user writing: "This is not satire. It is just the typical ill-informed clichéd drivel we have come to expect from so-called comedians whose only experience of Scotland is a month at the Fringe."

A second added: "Spitting image used to be funny. Not now"

Another wrote: "I eagerly awaited the new Spitting Image having remembered the razor sharp satire of the original. The disappointment has shattered these memories. Nicola as a 'Krankie' is not clever or satirical, it's just lazy, unoriginal writing from people who don't know today's Scotland."

One viewer summed up the thoughts of many writing: "I love satire, but this isn't it"

The show, which airs on Britbox, said upon their return that they aimed to poke fun at "all sides" of the political debate.