Money-Saving Expert Martin Lewis shared some top tips on how to make some savings over the festive period during his extended edition of The Money Show Live.

Hosting a specially extended Christmas edition of the show on ITV, Lewis issued a reminder of sticking to a budget and the dangers of getting into debt around the festive period. 

With many set to try and score a bargain during Black Friday, Lewis also urged viewers to make a list of things they actually need before Black Friday and look specifically for those items, saying: If you're looking to buy a video game that costs £50, and it's reduced to £25 on Black Friday, then yes, it's a good deal as you'll save £25.

"But, if you're tempted to buy it just because it's on offer, then no, you've fallen into a trap.

The host also offered some advice on how to make extra savings this Christmas, here are just some of his top tips: 

  • Play the long game with your basket: Lewis advised shoppers to sign in to an account online and add the item they need to their basket before walking away. According to the money-saving expert, many retailers will get back in touch to entice you back - often with a discount, voucher code, or free delivery.
  • Shop department stores: If looking for a specific item, Lewis told viewers to think about a department store that could be offering the product for cheaper. He cited a deal with La Redoute who are currently offering 40% off a number of brands online, with a Levi’s t-shirt down to £17.50 from £25 as the example given. 
  • Gift your time: If struggling to afford gifts, Lewis told viewers to gift time saying “If you have no cash this year to give Christmas presents, then give your time.”
  • Use cashback credit cards: Discussing the use of cashback credit cards, viewers were informed of an offer through American Express who are currently offering 5% cashback up to £125 for the first three months. Lewis explained that viewers could do their Christmas shopping using the card so long as they paid it off in full.
  • Avoid delivery fees: By adding something cheap to round up your purchase to the minimum for delivery fees you could save a substantial amount, reports Lewis.
  • Avoid gift cards: In uncertain times it may be easier to avoid offering a gift card with Martin Lewis explaining that if a retailer goes bust, those with the gift card will lose cash - adding that often people forget how much is left on it and do not use the full amount.