BBC Question Time has been in the headlines this week, but it is business as usual as the show gets set to air from Swansea tonight.

Fiona Bruce is to host the virtual audience, quizzing the panel on a variety of political issues. 

With the Spending Review, Brexit, and Covid Christmas restrictions set to dominate political conversation, we take a look at who is on the BBC Question Time panel. 

Nadhim Zahawi

The Conservative Minister for Business, Nadhim Zahawi will be the government’s representative on the panel tonight. He will be expected to shed more insight following the Spending Review and the future of government policy to support businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The co-founder of YouGov raised eyebrows last month over the free school meals debate that raged in England after he said that holiday activities were "more important" than getting food for the poorest kids. He said: "The best way to deal with this is through both local governments and through the welfare system and that’s the right thing to do. And it’s not just about the food.”

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Zahawi has almost always voted for reducing the rate of corporation tax and voted for measures to reduce tax avoidance. He has also voted against a banker’s bonus tax and backed calls for the threshold at which people start to pay income tax to be raised. On Brexit, he has voted against the UK membership of the EU and generally voted against a right to remain for EU nationals already living in the UK

Vaughan Gething 

The Welsh Cabinet Minister for Health and social services will appear on Question Time from Swansea tonight. The Senedd member came second in the Welsh Labour leadership contest and will likely challenge the Conservative representation over their Covid-19. Gething has warned in the past that the public should not return to normal and will have insight into the handling of the pandemic across the UK. Gething has been a representative of Cardiff South and Penarth since 2011. Zambian-born Gething has been spoken of his ambition to be a future first minister.

Adam Price

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price will appear on the show from Swansea this evening. The leader of the party was elected in 2018 and famously tried to impeach Tony Blair over the Iraq war when he was an MP. Price has been campaigning for independence writing: “The only pro-Independence party in that list is Plaid Cymru, and it is the only pro-Independence party that has a viable chance at forming the next Welsh Government.” Price also hit out at the comments made in regards to devolution saying: “The PM’s comments are shocking but sadly not surprising. It has been clear for some time that this Conservative government is not remotely interested in respecting the devolution settlements across the UK. The prime minister is also minister for the union – but the conduct of his government is actually the biggest threat to the future of the union.”

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Claire Fox 

The former Brexit Party MEP was the Brexit Party’s MEP for the UK’s last six months in the EU. Fox who sits as an independent in the House of Lords after being given a peerage by Boris Johnson. Fox made headlines this month after accidentally against the UK Internal Market Bill after planning to vote for the legislation but accidentally voted the other way. The former member of the  Revolutionary Communist Party was inducted into the House of Lords in October with her introduction being called by critics as an “insult to Warrington.”

Tanni-Grey Thomspon

The Paralympian who won 11 golds and was twice world champion in wheelchair racing will appear on the panel tonight. The Welsh crossbench peer is also the chancellor of Northumbria University. Thompson has played a key role in trying to keep gyms open during lockdowns writing to all MPs that "our sector is essential to the battle with COVID-19, directly supporting the nation’s health, wellbeing and resilience". She was also vocal in her opposition to Brexit. 

Question Time is on BBC One tonight at 10.45pm