VILE anti-coronavirus graffiti comparing Nicola Sturgeon to Hitler has appeared on the wall of Ayr racecourse.

The shocking message features a swastika as it claims the coronavirus pandemic to be a hoax.

Commuters travelling into Ayr caught a glimpse of the message which has been sprayed onto the wall at the racecourse on Whitletts Road.

Part of the message which compares the First Minister of Scotland to the evil dictator has faded.

A swastika, the symbol of the Nazi party, is made out.

The message reads: "Nicola Sturgeon = Hitler".

Further along the wall at the famous horse racing ground, the words "COVID is a hoax" has been sprayed on in bold white.

The racecourse has been badly impacted by coronavirus with spectators unable to attend the likes of the Scottish National and Gold Cup.

South Ayrshire is currently in Level 4 lockdown after cases of coronavirus soared in the region.

Between November 16 and November 22, 38 deaths related to coronavirus were registered in Ayrshire, according to data released by the National Records of Scotland on Wednesday, November 25.

Ayr Racecourse and the SNP have been approached for comment.