She is the comedian who has made the nation laugh with her video spoofs involving the First Minister's coronavirus briefings.

But her some of her latest online entries have been less than funny, with Janey Godley calling for Scottish Labour to investigate trolling her online.

She has accused certain Labour councillors of targeting her.

And in a message to Scottish Labour she said she had asked for support to stop Labour councillors from trolling her "and not once have you  helped me - so am judging you on your failure".

Thr row erupted two weeks ago after Largs councillor Alex Gallagher posted a message on Twitter asking "who is Janey Godley?" in response to a BBC video clip that she shared about memories of her childhood, including her mum who was murdered.

He then asked who employs her, leading her to list the numerous organisations she works for, including the BBC.

She said: "I know who employs you - the public - I am a member of the public...maybe Keir Starmer and the Labour Party should have a wee word with you about trolling women online."

She also shared examples of Mr Gallagher's tweets on social media, and said: "This is the Labour councillor who's been tweeting me for over 18 months trolling me online."


But Mr Gallacher insisted he had done nothing of the sort, saying: "Sorry Jane, I'm sure you're lovely and all that, but it was a genuine question."

He added; "All I did was not know who you are Jane. I don't know lots of people. You too I presume. Your reaction seems a bit extreme TBH."

In a message to Scottish Labour, the comedian said: "Any chance you can have a quick look at Alex Gallagher's timeline? He's been trolling a BBC clip about my murdered mum, asking who I am, despite tweeting me for over 18 months, now trolling me with political screenshots. " She added: "#Bekind my mental health isn’t good today."

Mr Gallagher insisted: "I have done nothing wrong."

A Labour Party spokesperson said: "The Labour Party takes all complaints extremely seriously and they are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures, and any appropriate disciplinary action is taken."