IF there's one grape that no self respecting wine lover can claim to dislike, it's cabernet sauvignon, the king of all grapes and probably the biggest name in the business.

Best known as one of the mainstay varieties of bordeaux, it’s now grown the world over and in all my years of trying to find fault (because I'm a saddo) I haven't managed it yet. To be honest, if you find a really poor one then the wine maker is probably Kermit the frog because you would have to be a muppet not to score with this grape.

While bordeaux is still the jewel in cabernet's curiculum vitae, my personal favourites are from a select few vineyards in South Africa and basically every glorious bottle that comes out of the Napa Valley.

It's the combination of ripe juicy blackcurrants, cedar wood and occasionally bell peppers that makes it so divine as well as recognisable. The Napa wine makers as well as those from Springfield in South Africa to name-drop one of my loves, somehow manage to add a layer of the smoothest velvet to the palate which is quite divine.

Yep, you've probably guessed it, but I love cabernet sauvignon: I love it on its own and I love it blended, as long as it's the dominant partner in bed. As I said earlier, I really haven't found one that I don't like and it's the only grape I can still say that of after several decades of 'research'.

Cabernet loves to be paired with big rich meaty dishes or even full-on cheese topped veggie dishes but many of the New World wines, particularly those from Napa are just so delightful on their own, why would you complicate life? Anyway, here's a couple of crackers to pull this Christmas.

Bread & Butter Cabernet, California

For the price, this is just sublime. It’s like giving you a blackcurrant and vanilla cuddle and then throwing some cherries in for good measure. Smooth, well structured and gorgeous.

Majestic £15.99 or £11.99 mixed six

KanonKop Cabernet South Africa

Quintessential cabernet with blackcurrant, vanilla and a gorgeous dollop of cocoa. There are tannins but very seductive, juicy ones. This one really is best paired with food but what an awesome wine.

Villeneuve wines, Edinburgh £5