BBC Question Time will be airing their last episode before Christmas with the show being held virtually from Chelmsford. 

Fiona Bruce is to host the virtual audience, quizzing the panel on a variety of political issues. 

With the last show before Christmas, the handling of Covid-19 pandemic and vaccinations will undoubtedly be on the agenda, along with Brexit negotiations. 

Robert Buckland 

MP for South Swindon Robert Buckland will be representing the government on the panel of the flagship BBC political show. The QC will likely shed light on the Brexit negotiations after Boris Johnson warned the UK to get ready for an Australia type deal. This week, Buckland, the lord chancellor, said that the time is right ’to take a fresh look at the Human Rights Act to see how its provisions are operating and "consider whether the framework could be improved" Robert Buckland has never rebelled against their party in the current parliament.

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Wes Streeting

The Shadows schools minister Wes Streeting will represent Labour on the BBC Question Time panel. The former president of the National Union of Students has been a Labour MP since 2015 for Ilford North. A firm backer of Jess Smith in her bid to become the next Labour leader,.the MP was also a campaigner for a People’s Vote on Brexit. The Labour MP has never rebelled against his party in the current parliament and has been vocal on the impact of Covid-19 on education. The MP has recently made headlines after he tweeted “the absolute state of this” after Boris Johnson shared a picture on social media with David Frost Ursula von der Leyen and Michel Barnier.  Viewers can perhaps expect fireworks over Brexit. 

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Malcolm Turnbull

The former Prime Minister of Australia is set to appear on Question Time this evening and will undoubtedly shed light on the deal that many in the government have flouted as a substitute for the Brexit deal. The member of Australia’s conservative Liberal Party has made headlines for his comments on climate change saying Australia had many other publications and news outlets that were dedicated to “promoting the cause of climate change and radical action on climate change. It’s OK to be a propagandist for one side, but if one is a critic or sceptic about some of these issues, that’s not OK?”

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Anand Menon 

The professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London will appear on the panel this evening from Chelmsford. The director of the UK in a Changing Europe think-tank, Menon has given significant insight into the impact of Brexit and provided analysis since the 2016 referendum. Writing in the Guardian with Jill Rutter last week he claimed that Brexit was“the outcome of many factors. Most important of all, it resulted from the nature of our politics – adversarial, intolerant of compromise and pushing politicians to more extreme positions than the voters who put them there. That, above all else, is cause for concern.”

Julia-Hartley Brewer 

The TalkRadio presenter will also be the final guest on the panel tonight - with the columnist likely to offer her insight and opinion on Brexit. Brewer was vocal about her opinion on the EU and backed Leave during the referendum. She was also vocal about the coronavirus lockdown measures and is likely to be holding her own against whoever the Conservatives bring forward for the show. She made headlines last week after Conservative MP Colonel Bob Stewart called on Brewer to stop "shouting" at him as they clashed over the Government's tiered system