Footage of Boris Johnson discussing Brexit from 2019 has been widely shared on social media after he tonight announced that there is a “strong possibility” that the UK will fail to broker a trade deal with the EU.

The video from an election event in Derbyshire in 2019 resurfaced after being shared by Bloomberg journalist Joe Mayes this week. It showed Mayes asking the Prime Minister if voters will be annoyed when Brexit continues to dominate media coverage in 2020 due to the EU trade negotiations going on without a suitable conclusion.

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Responding to the question Johnson said: “I don’t think that such a person will put that question in that way because actually what I think will happen is it will be done. 

“If we can get a working majority on January 31st, we’ll be out and we’ll have full legal control of the things that matter to us and we will have a great opportunity to take this country forward.”

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The video, from December 5th, 2019, was reshared by Mayes less than 24 hours prior to the Prime Minister announcing that there would be a strong possibility the UK won’t be able to broker a post-Brexit trade deal. 

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The footage has been viewed 100,000 times on Twitter alone since it was reposted.  

Asked tonight if a no-deal scenario would be a “failure of politics and diplomacy”, Mr Johnson replied: “The UK will continue to do everything we possibly can.

“I stand ready to talk to anybody, our friends and partners in the EU, whenever they want.

“At the moment, I have to tell you in all candour that the treaty is not there yet and that is the strong view of our Cabinet as well.”