Scotland has been thrust into the international spotlight - for its fleet of gritters.

People across the world have taken notice of our "incredible" snowfleet, and the hilarious names that go with them.

Names range from Gritty Gritty Bang Bang to Yes Sir Ice Can Boogie, to Chilly Connolly and Fred - and some people cannot believe the names are real.

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A Twitter user in California shared an image of our impressive fleet, and her tweet has so far reached almost 50,000 retweets and more than 200,000 likes since being posted yesterday

Jackie Sojico wrote: "I just learned that Scotland names their entire snowplow fleet and the names are incredible."

And people from across the world have jumped on the message to share their thoughts.

One could not quite believe it was real, and wrote: "I can't believe you went through all the effort to make this fake map and these fake names for a good tweet because this can't be real..."

Another wrote: "I think it’s pretty clear by now that Scotland is the comedy king of the world."

And a third said: "So many questions. 1. Who gets to pick the names? They're so fun. 2) is that the whole fleet? I feel like that # of plows is needed for just my village in VT! 3) why can't we be as cool as Scotland?"

Fans of the fleet can track their favourite names using an interactive map.

Here's the full list of names in this year's fleet: 

Here's an updated list of the gritter names this year:

Amber Snowy
Arctic Angel
BFG Big Friendly Gritter
Blizzard Bear
Chilly Connolly
Darth Spreader

David Plowie
For Your Ice Only
Gangsta Granny Gritter
Grit A Bit
Grit Expectations
Gritney Spears
Gritter Bug
Grittest Hits
Grittie McVittie
Grittle Mix
Gritty Gonzales
Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
Han Snow-lo
I Want To Break Freeze
Ice Breaker
Ice Destroyer
Ice Queen
Jeremy Brine
Lew-Ice Capaldi
Licence To Chill
Luke Snowalker
Meltin' John
Mr Plow
Mrs Gritter
My Name’5 Doddie
Nitty McGritty

Penelope Gritstop
Plougher O’Scotland
Polar Bear Explorer
Polar Patroller
Ready Spready Go
Sandy The Solway Salter
Scotland’s Bravest Gritter
Sir Andy Flurry
Sir Grits A Lot
Sir Salter Scott
Slippy McGritty
Snow Bother
Snow Destroyer
Snow Dozer
Snow Trooper
Snowbegone Kenobi
Snowkemon Go
Sophie Salt

Spready Mercury
The Golden Great Gritter
The Grittest Snowman
The Incredible Ice Bear
The Snow Buster
The Snow Solution
The Winter Explorer
True Gritter
Yes Sir Ice Can Boogie