From pop sensation and outspoken political activist Annie Lennox, this re-issue of her 2010 album A Christmas Cornucopia feels a little uninspiring.

The brightest moment on the new record, which has been remastered, comes from a previously unheard track.

Lennox has said her 2010 version of the haunting 17th-century aria Dido’s Lament, by Henry Purcell, is for “the dying of our planet”.

The song offers a change of pace from some of her cheesier re-imaginings of festive classics.

The rest of the album, however, feels much less creative and sees Lennox perform well-known carols and songs without putting much of her own personality into the recordings.

Her rendition of The First Noel and Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem feel particularly pedestrian and dull.

Lesser-known festive songs such as Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant and Lullay Lullay offer a slightly more interesting listen, however this album does not come close to replicating the success of some of Lennox’s more inventive releases.

Tom Horton