SNP MP Drew Hendry has been suspended from the Commons after shouting and refusing to sit down during a debate.

The MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey was taking part in the debate about the UK Internal Market Bill when the outburst happened.

The deputy speaker of the house, Dame Rosie Winterton, said the MP was "showing off" while other MPs said his behaviour was "unacceptable".

The deputy speaker asked Mr Hendry to sit down when he started shouting as the trade minister Paul Scully was finishing up his speech. 

When he refused, she said he would be "named" - a term used in Westminster to describe the process of using an MPs name to discipline them. 

He could be heard shouting over the speaker that the bill was a "democratic disgrace" as she tried to control him. 

Mr Hendry had said earlier in the discussion that the UK Internal Market Bill was the "biggest assault on devolution in the history of the Scottish parliament" and said: "It’s outrageous that the government is once again ignoring the wishes of the people of Scotland as well as Wales.

"The only reason for this bill as it stands is to demolished devolution."

The UKIM Bill has caused controversy throughout its passage in the House of Commons, with it initally threatening to break international law.

However the SNP and Welsh MPs have repeatedly claimed it will also snatch power from their governments and gives Westminster more power to invest in certain areas in Scotland which are devolved.

Mr Hendry said: "People in Scotland, when they see the effects of this bill, will be angry about the fact that their rights are being taken away by these Tory ministers, aided by their Labour bedfellows.

"They will be furious about the fact that their rights are being stripped from them, and they are listening, and they are watching, and they are seeing developments in this place, and they are understanding now that the only way to protect the parliament to protect their rights to protect the democracy in Scotland is to go forward as an independent nation, and will be voting for that I'm sure in due course."