A helicopter used to transport workers to North Sea oil and gas platforms has declared a mid-air emergency.

The Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore, with callsign BND86L and registration number G-MCSK, took off from Aberdeen on Sunday at 8.37am.

But the helibus performed a u-turn over the North Sea after declaring an emergency Squawk 7700.

An emergency squawk is used to identify an aircraft which has a possible issue and enables it to have priority over other air traffic.

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A spokeswoman for Babcock told The Herald: "An S-92 helicopter which was flying without any passengers returned to Aberdeen airport this morning (27.12.2020) after crew reported a cockpit warning light illumination.

"The crew followed standard precautionary procedures by requesting priority to land. 

"Airport fire service attended as a standard precaution. They were not required and the aircraft made a routine landing as planned.

"The safety of our crew and passengers is always our first priority and the aircraft will be subject to a detailed series of checks and tests before it is returned to service."