What is it?

A video game set in a fictional 2077 America (think Blade Runner) where society is controlled by large corporations and its citizens rely on cybernetic implants to do just about everything. You play the role of "V", a mercenary who gets caught up in a botched heist with disastrous consequences and the journey to undo the wrongs.

Good points?

The story and side missions are all well thought out and can be completed in various different ways be it all guns blazing, sneaking stealthily or hacking the technology around you.

Character conversations don't slow down progression but rather aid the story development and your responses impact how quickly you can get to the physical objective.

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You can collect and buy a plethora of improved weapons, cybernetics and vehicles to aid you in the mean streets of Night City.

Bad points?

Older generation games console versions have been buggy and forced Sony to remove the title from its store. That said, I have given it a whirl on the PlayStation 4 and other than a few stop errors, it has been completely playable.

HeraldScotland: A scene from Cyberpunk 2077A scene from Cyberpunk 2077

Occasional visual glitches cause confusion when following a tracking line which suddenly disappears or jumps to the other side of a building. There are other issues, but the game is so expansive, it's impossible to track them all.

Best for ...

Those who enjoy free flowing and open gaming such as Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption rather than games that feel like you are on rails being herded to the next task.

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Avoid if ...

You like to complete a game within a few days as this one is lengthy and takes a while to master.

Score: 8/10.

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC), £49.99 (steampowered.com)