SCOTS are not staying at home as much as they did at the start of the first lockdown and tougher restrictions may be necessary, Scotland's Deputy First Minister has said.

John Swinney said there is "every likelihood" of stricter rules if "human interaction" is not reduced.

He made the comments while giving evidence to Holyrood's Covid-19 Committee. 

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Mr Swinney said the Scottish Government is monitoring public transport use, traffic data and other information.

He said: "The volumes of movement in society are greater than they were in the period immediately following lockdown in March 2020. 

"We are monitoring those issues very carefully, with a view to potentially having to put in further measures that would further constrain the ability of individuals to have reasonable excuse to be at work, for example, and for employers to essentially justify individuals being at work."

He said if there is "still too much movement in society and we do not see a reduction in the level of infectiousness within the country, then we may well have to take further action as a consequence". 

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Mr Swinney added: "I want to be clear with the committee that these are issues that we are monitoring very closely and carefully and may result in us taking further action to apply greater restrictions if we don't see a fall in the level of infectiousness within the country."

He was responding to a question from Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon.

She asked if Mr Swinney is worried that there are still too many people going out to workplaces.