There have been 1,865 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Scotland in the past 24 hours. 

According to Scottish Government statistics, there have been 93 deaths in the same period. 

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It is the second day in a row that 93 deaths have been announced. 93 deaths has been the highest number of deaths since the pandemic began.

109 were in intensive care yesterday with the virus with a further 1,596 in the hospital.

26,352 new tests for Covid-19 reported results – 8.7% of these were positive

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The death toll under this measure – of people who first tested positive for the virus within the previous 28 days – is now 4,965.

Scottish Government statistics indicate the daily test positivity rate is 8.7%, up from 8.1% on Friday, when 2,301 positive cases were recorded.

A total of 147,889 people have tested positive in Scotland since the start of the pandemic.

Yesterday, 2,309 new cases of Covid-19 were reported with 93 deaths.