I'M guilty of having a one-track mind when it comes to Argentinian wines but one of the advantages of being bored to tears during the November lockdown was that I explored their red blends and, crikey, what a surprise I got.

The blends were interesting and slightly unusual for a start with malbec and pinot noir a popular pairing. Seriously, whoever thought of that must have been drunk but I'm so glad they were. Putting pinot noir in a blend with malbec is like putting a panda in bed with a hippo and expecting them to mate. But as they say in romantic novels, opposites attract.

A few years ago, such blends would have been impossible because the Argentinian malbecs of old were big butch lads with enough tannins to coat the tusks of an elephant and more than enough alcohol to floor a sailor but, hey, times have changed. Argentinian malbec has been transformed into a seductive, sophisticated fruit-driven style that can stand up incredibly well on its own but is confident enough to share a bed with just about any grape.

I've tried malbec/shiraz, malbec/cabernet, malbec/bonarda and now my new favourite, malbec and pinot noir. The pinot adds a feminine touch to the malbec with crushed cherry flavours and a silky edge and, to be honest, it just works. Science can explain all manner of things but as to why malbec and pinot love each other, I refer you to the obviously gargantuan brains of Argentina's winemakers.

Failing that, just think back to your parents telling you about the birds and bees.

Dona Paula Estate Blue Edition, Argentina (Malbec, Pinot Noir, Bonarda)

We’re only in January but I suspect this one will make my top ten wines of the year. Inviting wild fruits on the nose with dark cherries, blackberries and hints of cocoa on the palate. Absolutely enticing and cracking value.

Strictlywine.co.uk £12.75

Jose Zuccardi Malbec, Cabernet

One of the best on the market, but I expect nothing less from Zuccardi. Rich, dark autumn fruits with hints of coffee and vanilla on the finish. I adore it.

Pop Wines Glasgow £30