A REPLACEMENT for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) has been launched today.

The UK Government's department for health and social care said the new scheme will be called the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), despite only being valid in EU countries.

It was negotiatied as part of the deal when the UK left the EU and will be free for people living in the UK.

Those who have one will be entitled to free state-funded emergency or "medically necessary" healthcare when travelling in the EU.

Those who still have an old EHIC card will still be able to use this while it is in date, and members of the EU who need treatment in the UK will still have their EHIC accepted by the NHS.

UK Government health minister Edward Agar said: "Our deal with the EU ensures the right for our citizens to access necessary healthcare on their holidays and travels to countries in the EU will continue.

“The GHIC is a key element of the UK’s Future Relationship with the EU and will provide certainty and security for all UK residents.”

The card will not entitle people to free healthcare in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, although a UK Passport will allow healthcare in Norway.

In an announcement today, the UK Government warned that the level of free healthcare in some countries may not be the same as what people would receive on the NHS.

In some countries people are required to pay a percentage towards the cost of any state-provided treatment, but the amount to be paid would be the same for UK visitors as for those resident in the country. 

An in-date EHIC and the new GHIC are to provide emergency and medically necessary healthcare for UK residents in the EU on a temporary stay, including for holiday, study and business travel.

Secretary fo State for Scotland, Alister Jack, said: " The UK Government’s announcement of the launch of the Global Health Insurance Card is very welcome. Under the new agreement with the EU, UK residents will continue to be able to access necessary healthcare when travelling on the continent.

"I look forward to the UK Government agreeing further reciprocal healthcare arrangements with countries around the world.”

To apply visit www.nhs.uk/GHIC