AN MP has hit out at the UK Government's handling of the pandemic and its provision of food to impoverished children in a passionate speech in the Commons.

West Ham Labour MP Lyn Brown passionately praised the NHS staff working on the front line describing them as the “walking wounded” of the pandemic who had been “traumatised” for a long period of time.

She blasted the Chancellor for failing to provide support for those currently excluded from existing schemes, and asked why he “bothered to turn up” to give a statement yesterday to MPs.

In her final remarks, the energetic MP then hit out at the UK Government’s offerings to some parents of food for their children’s lunches.

Shocked parents, and campaigning footballer Marcus Rashford, have been posting images of the deliveries of food they have received as part of the UK Government’s pledge to provide support for those children who would usually qualify for free school meals while the schools are shut.

Many images showed minuscule portions of pasta, carrots, baked beans and other staples which Westminster officials said was the equivalent of £30 worth of food. This has been roundly criticised and widely disputed, with food campaigners questioning the UK Government’s valuation.

Ms Brown said: “Why are we seeing children living in poverty still with no IT devices or broadband, and why are they being cheated out of food which the public purse paid for?

“Surely every single member has seen the paltry rations we are told thirty quid pays for. Seriously, where are they shopping?”

Earlier today the Prime Minister's official spokesman said: "We are aware of the images and clear that the contents of these food parcels are completely unacceptable.

"Food parcels should contain food that parents can use to make healthy lunches throughout the week."

The Department for Education plans to open a voucher scheme similar to that operating during the first lockdown in England, he added.