Say St Andrews and the first image that may pop into one’s head is a famous golfer at the Swilcan Bridge or the cast of Chariots of Fire running along the West Sands in one of the most famous film scenes of all time. In order to cheer us all up, and give us something to look forward to, here's six things to do in St Andrews after the lockdown.


Step Rock

The beaches of St Andrews are a must-visit, with stunning vistas and long stretches of sand. While visitors partake in watersports, swimming and paddling in the sea, those visiting can also get a chance to look at some history by visiting Step Rock. The lido by the sea is filled with natural seawater and was used as a swimming pool until the 1970s. Still used by some locals, it is not every day you get the chance to see a pool just by the sea. Please note, Step Rock is no longer manned.



St Andrews has a host of notable shops, with J&G Innes and Jannettas Gelateria not to be missed. However, no trip to a seaside town is complete without fish and chips, and Cromars on Union Street offers a wide variety of meals. From Cullen Skink to traditional fish and chips, there is something for everyone in this relatively new St Andrews establishment.


The Cheesy Toast Shack

While you may be distracted by the Old Course and the long stretch of beach on the West Sands, the East Sands is a hidden gem that is not only a bit quieter but is also home to some of the finest on-the-go beach grub. The Cheesy Toast Shack offers soft ice cream, toasties, milkshakes and more. The eatery took home a street vendor of the year award at the 2018 Menu Awards. Ideal for kids, the shop is the first stop for many after the Fife Coastal Path.


The Fife Coastal Path

Although it is wise to spend some time walking around the quaint streets of St Andrews, those visiting should make the most of the Fife Coastal Path, the long-distance footpath that runs from Kincardine to Newburgh along the coastline of Fife. Visitors can walk from St Andrews to quiet beaches and coves as well as the Hotel Fairmont on the path. With stunning vistas looking out to the sea, it is advisable to start at Hotel Fairmont. Not only is it mainly downhill but the views offered of St Andrews are great. It is important to note that parts of the path are on beaches which can be blocked by high tide. These areas are clearly marked but it is always best to check in advance before departing. Don’t forget, if returning also check the tide time for the way back.


The New Picture House

St Andrews is home to The New Picture House, an independent cinema which was first opened in 1930. As well as playing new Holywood films, the four-screen cinema also has special events and classic screenings.


Hotel Fairmont – St Andrews

Located on the coast, the Hotel Fairmont is a 520-acre estate with a range of activities including a golf course, driving range, water sports, horse riding, a spa, an auditorium and fine dining. While a visit to their champagne bar may be on the to-do list, visitors must try dining at St Andrews Bar and Grill. With a variety of meals and menus, including Italian, seafood and bar and grill, that can be openly selected, the restaurant in the finely lit atrium provides a luxurious and spacious setting. There is also delightful afternoon tea and in-room dining, for a touch of decadence. There is a range of accommodation including suites and villas.

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